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Community Members

Hannah Weiss
Jessica Trinh
Hannah Kissinger
Ian Trevethan


Supporting Organizations

The Scicommunity

The Social Scientist
The Social Scientist is an online platform that provides a community of STEM professionals volunteering their time to help with career/life advice. The idea behind this are the many issues we face trying to connect with others. What we believe our fields are missing are people who can give a complete view of their work, environment and what it took for them to get here. We want to provide an accessible and engaging atmosphere to help both professionals and enthusiasts looking for guidance. From the high school student interested in STEM but unsure where to start, to the associate editor gearing up to editor-in-chief, we want to provide support for all parties interested.

We have a growing community of STEM volunteers in the fields of academia, industry, writing/publishing, US government, and alternative careers. Check out www.thesocialscientist.org and follow us on Twitter/Instagram/FaceBook @thesocscientist.